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The Assemblies of God in India and CrossTrek World Ministries are working together to raise support for the rebuilding of churches and pastor's lives.



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Help Us Rebuild Lives!


The task is enormous and will take a huge effort but with God's favor and your gifts, the job will get done.



OUR GOAL - $25,000


$ 10,000




$ 15,000

Yet to collect

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Your help is CRUCIAL

Churches and homes have been lost. The economics of the Assemblies of God in India is meager. It's probable that insurance is non-existent and resources for rebuilding are just not there.

About Us

CrossTrek World Ministries is a missions organization started by Rev. Bradley Hunt in 2006 after the Lord told him he would be ministering in India. Our passion is for pastors and we provide free training conferences all over the world. The The Spirit of Fire conference is being used by the Lord to revive pastors so they return to their congregations renewed and ready to lead them to new heights. By God's grace we have served nearly 12,000 church leaders in India and Romania. Our latest invitations are from Ghana and Burkina Faso. We will be there in the fall of 2019.

  •   We are passionate about the Holy Spirit
  •   Our curriculum is translated into many languages
  •   The Spirit of Fire conference is covering India
  •   Hundreds of pastors are being renewed
  •   God confirms His Word through signs
  •   Genuine revival from the Lord has come

Dr. VT Abraham, General Superintendant of the Assemblies of God for all of South India, has testified that an unprecedented move of the Holy Spirit took place when we conducted The Spirit of Fire Conference in Kerala, India. That conference took place in March of 2019. We are humbled by the favor God is granting us. Please pray for us as the Lord reminds you. We believe the revived church in India will reach the nation!

volunteer needed

Prayers needed

Our Time is Now

While many have been turned away from India, the door is stiil open to us. Pray that it stays open.


Team Members

The Lord has assembled many fine team members accross the world. Since we have spent most of our time in India, our contacts there are more numerous. New relationships, however, are being built in Romania and Ghana.

Rev. Brad Hunt

President, CrossTrek Ministries

Brad has 35+ years of experience as a pentecostal minister. The Spirit Filled Life seminar and the Spirit of Fire conference were both started by him.

Thimothi Rao

Supt. Thimothi Rao

Leader, Telugu Speaking District

Supt. Thimothi is a gifted leader whose teaching and influence have opened many doors all across India. He leads Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

P. Prakash Rao

Rev. P. Prakash Rao

India Director, CrossTrek Ministries

Pastor Prakash began working with Brad back in 2006 and has coordinated ministry to village pastors in Andhra Pradesh ever since.


Future Friends

Romania, Ghana

Rev. Laurentiu Pascuti is our contact in Romania for the Pentecostal Union and Rev. Abraham Ayiakwo is our contact in Ghana. We are excited for this year.

Our Mission Fields

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